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Free lemon law help for Georgia consumers from Georgia lemon law attorneys.

Don't battle with the dealer and manufacturer.  We can help you get rid of your lemon free.  You may be entitled to a full refund, a replacement vehicle or a cash settlement for your trouble and inconvenience.  Contact Simanovsky & Associates at 1-866-86-LEMON.  You have nothing to lose except that Lemon!

Free lemonlaw help for your lemon auto, truck or SUV in Georgia.

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Georgia lemon laws and federal warranty law protect consumers from being stuck with "lemon" automobiles and other consumer products.  Get a Free Georgia Lemon Law Consultation from experienced consumer protection advocates. 

The Georgia Lemon Law staff of Simanovsky & Associates, LLC is comprised of aggressive attorneys offering FREE consumer legal representation for those that qualify under the Georgia Lemon Law statutes, and federal laws.

When we say "Free representation" we mean exactly that!  Qualified consumers will not be charged any attorney's fees.  We seek to recover our fees from the manufacturer.  All costs of litigation and preparation are our responsibility. In fact, you will not be required to present yourself beyond a vehicle inspection except in the most contested case. We strive to provide the most effective and widest recovery possible for Georgia's consumers.

Contact us for free legal advice! Please take a moment and fill out our short consumer complaint form and a consumer protection advocate we will contact you for your Free Consultation.

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